Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text archive that web pages save to your PC, telephone or any other devise with information about your navigation on said web page. Cookies are necessary to make navigation easier and more comfortable, and they do not damage your computer.


What are cookies used for on this web page?

Cookies are an essential part of the way our web page works. The main objective for our cookies is to provide a better navigation experience. For example, cookies help us to identify you (if you are registered to our web page), to remember your preferences (language, country etc) during navigation and future visits, to manage the shopping cart, allow you to finalise purchases, etc.

The information collected by cookies permits us to make our web page better by estimating quantity and usage, adapting the web page to individual user interests, the improved search speed etc.


What DON’T we use cookies for on this web page?

 We do not save sensitive personal information such as your address, password or credit card details in the cookies we use. We also do not use cookies to send publicity to our users in accordance to their navigation, nor for any other publicity means neither ours nor third parties.


Who uses the stored in cookies?

 The information stored in cookies from our web page is used exclusively by us, except for Google analytics, which are used and managed by Google for statistics.


Can you deactivate the use of cookies? 

Yes, Cookies can be deactivated. Although, if you choose this configuration it may mean you are unable to visit certain parts of our web page, it can cause navigation to be less effective and you will not be able to make the most of all of our services.

If you prefer to restrict, block or delete cookies from this web page, you can do so by modifying the navigation configuration. Even though all navigators are different, the cookie configuration is normally in the “preferences” o “Tools” menu. For more details about your navigator’s cookie configuration, check the “help” menu.

You can find information about this if you use the following navigators:

  • Firefox from here.
  • Chrome from here.
  • Explorer from here.
  • Safari from here.
  • Opera from here.


What specific cookies are used by this web page?

Detailed below you will see the cookies that are used by this website and their end:

  • WC_AUTHENTICATION_: WebSphere commerce uses an authentication cookie to manage authentication data. An authentication cookie only flows through SSL and has a date and time signature to ensure maximum security. This cookie is used to confirm the user through SSL connections.
  • WC_USERACTIVITY_: This is a user session cookie which flows between the navigator and the server by SSL no SSL connection. It’s used to identify the user through none SSL connections. It contains user session values like for example, waiting period for connection, session identification etc.
  • JSESSIONID: Identifies the http user session. It’s common in most web applications to identify user’s session requests.
  • WC_GENERIC_ACTIVITYDATA: Stores selected user preferences such as store, language, currency etc.
  • WC_PERSISTENT: This cookie is used so as that the user ID, Language ID, and currency persist for each store visit. There can be various identification sets if the user visits more than one store.
  • WC_ACTIVEPOINTER: This cookie contains the session’s store ID, this value is used to select a store, if it has not been specified in the URL.
  • WC_SESSION_ESTABLISHED: Identifies login for the web page to load.
  • CATALOG_ID: Identifies online stores sales catalogue.
  • REFERRER: Refers to the URL from when the store was visited.
  • WC_timeoffset: Allows the clients time zone to be saved (If you see the details, for our equipment it is GMT+2.
  • SHOP_REGION: Allows the identification of the active sales country or area of the online store.
  • CompareItems_#Catalogo: This is used to compare products.
  • __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmd, __utmv, __utmz: Monitors the web page through the Google Analytics tool, which is a service offered by google in order to obtain information about the web page users access. Some of the details stored for posterior analysis are:- How many times a user has visited the web, Dates of first and last visits, duration of the visit, web page from which the user access’s the web page, search engine used by the user to get the web page or link used, where in the world the user is based etc.. The configuration of these cookies is predetermined by the service offered by Google, given this we recommend you visit the Google analytics privacy , for further information.

NOTE: The above list; the information that is not stored in a cookie but in a navigation space denominated as “Local storage” but whose treatment and usage are the same as those stored in a cookie, is identified as ‘’Local storage”.

This list will be updated as quickly as possible when web services change. Although occasionally during an update a cookie may not be included in the list, but the used cookies will always have the same usage as those mentioned in the list.

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